Alloy Wheels

Maintaining your car’s wheels

A well maintained set of wheels are vital in making your car look its best. There are a number of basics to keep in mind including:

  • Before you install your new wheels make sure they have a coat of wax. This will help them retain their new look, longer.
  • Wash your wheels regularly to prevent build-up of dirt and brake dust.
  • Use warm soapy water, and if needed tar and bug remover.
  • Never use abrasives such as steel wool or polishing compounds.
  • Be wary of drive through car washes. They can use acidic liquids to help remove dirt and brushes which may scratch your wheels.
  • Never use hot steam cleaning, as this can also damage the finish on your wheels.
  • Never clean your wheels when they are still hot from driving as the water will evaporate too quickly leaving soap streaking.
  • Wash your wheels one at a time to ensure you do a thorough, detailed job.
  • Use a different sponge on your wheels to the one you use on your car’s bodywork.

In order to maintain a great looking appearance, it is worth maintaining and cleaning your wheels regularly, especially since they may also represent a considerable financial investment. recommend you get your vehicle to one of our tyre centres located Nationwide to have your alloy wheels checked by a professional and replaced if you have any concerns whatsoever.
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